Paganism (recognised by the Home Office as a genuine religion within prisons & hospitals) is a general Latin derived term (like Germanic derived Heathenism) meaning those who carry on the old rural spiritual paths that were around before the spread of the modern world religions. It has grown considerably since the 1970s (without active prosletysation) and includes some Witches, Druids, Shamen & Heathens amongst others. The UK Census has confirmed tbis.

Although great steps have been taken to combat prejudice and misinformation, persecution does still take place. Most paths acknowledge many gods & goddesses, rather than a single monotheistic deity, and revere nature.

Over the years I have continued to collect details of people historically persecuted for witchcraft in my native East Anglia. To see this archive see below. You may quote or use it as long as you quote the source.

To the right is a picture of a ritual group I assembled for a Pagan Federation Conference in Croydon. For such a large gathering I used computerised back projection, fog effects, masks, dance, stage lighting and musical soundtracks as well as explosions. As a Heathen I'm not very subtle!


My personal exploration of Paganism started in my teens, but never fully developed until the late 1980s.   Since then I have been a researcher, author, lecturer and leader on the Pagan scene. Although my early reading and contacts were associated with witchcraft I was drawn towards what was known then as Odinism, later termed Asatru or Heathenism.

I was first a Media Officer then President of the international umbrella group The Pagan Federation, and continue to be High Gothi (priest) of Odinshof.

Locally I started up pub moots in Ipswich & Chelmsford, as well as the Leaping Hare Conference, the Magic Mummers and the Gippeswic magazine.


The first record of a witch being executed in England is the drowning of an un-named woman of Petrerborough in 948 AD for using a poppet to magically attack a man called Aelfsige. Persecution of witches has continued up to modern times, although one of the last persons to be found guilty under theWitchcraft Act of 1735 was Helen Duncan, a successful spiritualist medium in World War 2 who gave out information that was being suppressed by the War Office. The final prosecution was of Jane Yorke in 1944, and the Act was repealed and replaced by the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951. Although the UK government recognises Paganism as a valid religion, witches continue to be persecuted and sometimes killed in other countries around the world, especialy in parts of Africa.

I live in East Anglia, the base of the notorious 17th century 'Witchfinder General', Matthew Hopkins. He was the son of the vicar of Gt. Wenham, Suffolk, but did not follow his father and brothers into the ministry. His 14 month reign of terror, during the English Civil War around 1644-6 resulted in the execution of approximately 300 people, and the ruining of many others. About one in ten was male, and many victims were poor widows living on Parish Relief. Some sources claim that he was a lawyer, which is incorrect: he was never called to the Bar, but did unsuccessfully practice some shipping law for an Ipswich merchant before being sent back (unqualified) to his home in Mistley, near Manningtree, Essex. There he prosecuted 3 witches, and went on to offer his services to councils throughout East Anglia, until halted by a denouncation by John Gaule the Vicar of Gt. Staughton, Huntingdonshire. He was assisted by Edward Stearn and various females who conducted the examinations and pricking 'tests.' They earned a great deal of money. His title was not official - he merely adopted it for himself, but he did operate with the approval (and safe conduct documents) of the Parliamentarians. It is alleged that he met with high up commanders at least three times: possibly to use his network of spies and informers or to get rid of suspected Royalist sympathisers. Hopkins died 12/8/1647 and was buried at St. Mary's Church, Mistley, which is now demolished.

In tribute to the many people who were persecuted in East Anglia (many of whom were unpopular rather than witches) It should be appreciated that even if charges were not proved, loss of job, home and social status would possibly follow.

I have given a code beside the table entries for my source(s) of information. Inevitably some of these duplicate the same information given in other books.
MH indicates the book Matthew Hopkins: Witchfinder General. (Deacon Richard)It does not mean that every entry is related to that individual, just that they were around his period in history. I have given these a 1645 date unless I have information to the contrary. In reality, they could fall a year either side of that.
FL indicates 'Folk Lore of Suffolk' (Llanerch)
W.I.M.E. indicates 'Witchcraft in Modern Europe' (Ed. Barry/Hester/Roberts - Cambridge Univ. Press)
B. indicates 'Broomsticks over East Anglia' (Tom Gardner - pub. Ian Henry)
RD indicates the 'Readers Digest Folklore Myths and Legends of Britain
SW indicates 'Sleepers & Watchers (Hilda Grieve)

If you have names, places, details to add or correct, please e mail me. I want this to be a reliable resource for all to share freely, in memory of all those who have suffered. The table that follows is an MS Access file for easy manipulation.

There is also a great Essex wide listing on www.hulford.co.uk
For Lowestoft Witches see www.lowestoftwitches.com

First Name
Last Name
Greygoose ? Stanningfield, Suffolk 1795 FL
Anne Alderman Suffolk 1645 MH
Ann Ansom Brandeston, Suffolk 1645 B
Anne Arnoll Suffolk 1645 MH
Cecilia Atkins Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1582 B.
Nathaniel Bacon Chattisham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Bacon Chattisham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Susan Baker Upminster, Essex   B.
Mary Bannister Heaverland, Norfolk 1668 B.
Anne Barker Glemham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Old Nan Barrett Eye, Suffolk c. 1890 FL
Margaret Bayle Suffolk   W.I.M.E.
Margaret Bayts Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Joan Beales Wickham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Becket Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Meribell Bedford Rattlesden, Suffolk 1645 MH
Margaret Benet Suffolk ? W.I.M.E.
Elisabeth Benet St. Osyth, Essex 1582 RD
Margaret Bennett Bacton, Suffolk 1645 MH
Bridget Bigsby Hintlesham, Suffolk 1645 MH
? Binkes Haverhill, Suffolk 1645 MH
Ellen Bishop Glemham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Maria Blackburne Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 B.
Elisabeth Blade Whissonsett, Norfolk 1679 B.
Margery Blake (1) Glemham. Suffolk 1645 MH
Margery Blake (2) Glemham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Miles or Myles Bloomfield Chelmsford Essex


B.& SW
yce Bonds /Boones St. Osyth, Essex 1645 MH
Anne Boreham Sudbury, Suffolk 1645 MH
Sarah Borton Ramsey, Essex 1645 MH
Elisabeth Bradwell Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 B.
Mary Brame Wickham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Bet Bray Suffolk 1645 MH
Helen Bretton Kirby, Essex 1645 MH
Joan Briggs Ely, Cambs   W.I.M.E.
Abigail Briggs     W.I.M.E.
Sarah Bright Manningtree, Essex 1645 MH
Dorothy Brooke Essex 1645 MH
Peter Burbush Ely, Cambs ? W.I.M.E.
Widow Bush Barton, Cambs   W.I.M.E.
Mary Bush Bacton, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Butcher Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1582 B.
John Bysack Gt. Waldringfield, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Cambridge Cambs   B.
Henry Cane Rattlesden, Suffolk 1645 W.I.M.E.
Henry Carre Rattlesden, Suffolk 1645 MH
Ann Cate/Maidenhead Holland, Essex 1645 MH
Mary Caves Cambs   B.
John Chambers Bramford, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Chandler Keyston, Hunts 1646 MH
Elisabeth Churcher Hunts 1646 MH
Rose Clamfield Glemham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Rose Clarence Gt. Sampford, Essex 1587 Court record
Elisabeth Clarke Mistley, Essex 1644 W.I.M.E.
John Clarke Keyston, Cambs 1646 MH
Helen Clarke Manningtree, Essex 1645 MH
Thomas Clarke Glemham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Alice Clippwell Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 B.
Mary Clowes Yoxford, Suffolk 1645 MH
Susan Cock St. Osyth, Essex 1645 MH
Susan Cocke St. Osyth, Essex ? W.I.M.E.
Priscilla Collit Dunwich, Suffolk 1645 MH
Widow Coman Coggeshall, Essex 1699 B.
Joan Cony Barking/Dagenham, Essex 1589 B.
Mary Cook St Osyth/ Langham, Essex 1645 MH
Anne Cooper Gt. Clacton, Essex 1645 MH
Joan Cooper Much Holland, Essex 1645 MH
Mary Coppen Kirby, Essex 1645 MH
Anne Cricke Hitcham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Ellen Crisp Sweffling, Suffolk 1645 MH
Bet Cross Long Stanton, Cambs 1890 RD
Elisabeth Crowe Whissonsett, Norfolk 1679 B
Rose Cullender Lowestoft, Suffolk 1664 RD
Joan Cunny Chelmsford, Essex 1589 RD
Avice Cunny Chelmsford, Essex 1589 RD
Mary Dacon Playford, Suffolk 1645 MH
Alice Denham Ipswich, Suffolk 1645 MH
Ann Desborough Bythorn, Cambs 1646 MH
Ann Dewsburowe ? ? W.I.M.E.
Susan Dexe Westhorpe, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Dickes Rattlesden, Suffolk 1645 MH
Alice Dixon Wivenhoe, Essex 1645 MH
Ellen Driver Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Dudgeon Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 B.
Old Dummy Sible Hedingham, Essex 1863 B.
Amy Duny Lowestoft, Suffolk 1664 RD
Margaret Eccleston Linstead, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Edwards ? ? W.I.M.E.
Mary Edwards Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Dorothy Ellis Ely, Cambs   W.I.M.E.
Dorothy Ellis Brentwood, Essex   B.
Ann Ellis Metingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Margaret Elnore Ipswich, Suffolk 1694 B.
Grandmother Elnore Ipswich, Suffolk 1694 B.
Aunt of M. Elnore Ipswich, Suffolk 1694 B.
James Emmerson Ipswich, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Emmerson Ipswich, Suffolk 1645 MH
James Emmerson Ipswich, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Emmerson Ipswich, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary English Whissonsett, Norfolk 1679 B.
Mary Everard Halesworth, Suffolk 1645 MH
Thomas Everard Halesworth, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mariana Everard Halesworth, Suffolk 1645 MH
Joanna Farnaby Ely, Cambs 1646 MH
Nazareth Fasset Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 MH
Jabez Few Willingham, Cambs 1920 RD
Elisabeth Fillet Wetherden, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Finch Wattisham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Findall Tatterford, Norfolk   B.
Richard Foreman Stowmarket, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Frances Hatfield Peverel Essex 1565 B.
Mary Fuller Stowmarket, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Gibson Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex 1645 MH
Alice Glamfield ? 1645 MH
Mary Godard Belstead, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Gooding Mistley, Essex 1644 B
? Gortnoll/Cortnell Chattisham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Greeleife Alresford, Essex 1645 MH
Elisabeth Greene Wingfield, Suffolk 1645 MH
Sybil Greene Wickham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Ellen Greenliefe Bacton, Suffolk 1645 MH
Margery Grewe Walton-in-Soken, Essex 1645 MH
Abre Grimset Dunwich, Suffolk 1655 MH
Grace Gunburgh Wetherden, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Gurrey Risely, Beds.   W.I.M.E.
Elisabeth Gynn Gt. Duntan, ? 1675 B.
Rose Hallybread St. Osyth, Essex 1645 MH
Anne Hammer Creeting, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Hare Essex 1645 MH
Elisabeth Harvie Ramsey, Essex 1645 MH
Sarah Hating Ramsey, Essex 1645 MH
Nicholas Hempstead Creeting, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Hobard     W.I.M.E.
Marian Hockett Ramsay, Essex 1645 MH
Marian Hockett Mistley, Essex 1644 MH
Mother Hovey Hadleigh Suffolk 1644 B
Bridgetta Howard Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 B.
Elisabeth Hubarb Halesworth, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elisabeth Hubbarb Stowmarket, Suffolk 1645 MH
Katherine Jarvis Woodbridge, Suffolk   B.
Mary Johnson Wivenhoe, Essex 1645 MH
Rebecca Jones St Osyth, Essex 1645 MH
Margery Jourdemayn Eye, Suffolk c. 1422-71 FL
William Keeble Stowmarket, Suffolk 1645 MH
Ursula Kemp St. Osyth Essex 1582 B
Judith Kettle Flowton, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mr King Acton, Suffolk 1645 MH
Joan Lacey Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 MH
Mary Lakeland Ipswich, Suffolk 1645 MH
Margaret Landish St Osyth, Essex 1645 MH
Ann Leach Mistley, Essex 1644 B
Dorothy Lee Kings Lynn, Norfolk 1646 MH
Anne Leech   1645 MH
Margaret Legat Playford, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mrs Lendall Cambridge, Cambs. 1645 RD
Mrs Lendall Gt. Shelford, Cambs 1646 MH
Elisabeth Lewis Gt. Waltham Essex   B.
Joan Lingwood Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1582 B.
Elisabeth Linstead Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 B.
Jane Linstead Halesworth, Suffolk 1645 MH
Goody Low Stowmarket, Suffolk 1645 MH
Rev. John Lowes Brandeston Suffolk 1646 B
Mrs Elisabeth Man Wickham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Susan Manners Copdock, Suffolk 1645 MH
Susan Marchant Hintlesham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Alice Marsh Suffolk   W.I.M.E.
Mrs Alice Marsh Bramford, Suffolk 1645 MH
Anne Marsh Tattingstone, Suffolk 1645 MH
Bridget Mayors Holland on Sea, Essex 1645 MH
Mr Meggs Norwich, Norfolk 1645 MH
Mrs Faith Mills Fressingfield, Suffolk 1645 MH
Good Mills Stowmarket, Suffolk 1645 MH
Margaret Mixter Shotley, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mrs Anne Moats   1645 MH
Margaret Moone Thorpe le Soken, Essex 1645 MH
Judith Moone Thorpe le Soken, Essex 1645 MH
Mrs Moore Stutton, Cambs 1647 MH
Frances Moore Little Catworth, Cambs 1646 MH
James More Halesworth, Suffolk 1645 MH
Anne Morrice Upwell, Cambs   W.I.M.E.
Mrs Rebecca Morris Chattisham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mother Munnings Hartis, Suffolk 1694 B.
Alice Muntford Copdock, Suffolk 1645 MH
Cunning Murrell Hadleigh Essex 1860 RD
Alice Newman St Osyth Essex   B
Old Mother Orvis Rattlesden, Suffolk 1645 MH
Anne Palmer Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Rose Parker Ipswich, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mr Payne Bramford, Suffolk 1645 MH
George Pickingill Canewdon, Essex 1909 Var.
Thomas Pie Ely, Cambs 1647 MH
Joan Potter Hintlesham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mrs Margaret Powell Stowmarket, Suffolk 1645 MH
Joan Prentice Barking/Dagenham, Essex 1589 B.
Frances Preston Gt. Sampford (?) Essex 1589 Court record
Joan Preston Gt. Sampford (?) Essex 1589 Court record
Mrs Rebecca Prick Belstead, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mark Pryme Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 B.
Anne Randall Lavenham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Thomazine Ratcliffe Shelley, Suffolk 1645 MH
Margaret Read Kings Lyn, Norfolk 1590 RD
Thomasina Reade Haddenham, Cambs 1647 RD
Mother Redcap Horseheath Cambs 1926 RD
Mrs Elizabeth Richmond Bramford, Suffolk 1645 MH
Jane Rivett Copdock, Suffolk 1645 MH
Joan Rowley Lee, Essex 1645 MH
Joane Ruce Polstead, Suffolk 1645 MH
Adam Sabie Haddenham, Cambs 1647 MH
Alice Samuel Worboys, Cambs 1589 B.
John Scarfe Rattlesden, Suffolk 1645 MH
Susan Scot Lavenham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mrs Mary Scrutton Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Sexton Ipswich, Suffolk ? W.I.M.E.
Mary Sexton Glemham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Rachel Sexton Glemham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Ellen Shepherd Molesworth, Cambs 1646? MH
Mary Skipper/ Shipper Copdock, Suffolk 1645 MH
Ursula Skippon Whissonsett, Norfolk 1679 B.
Ellen Smith Chelmsford, Essex 1579 RD
Anne Smith Glemham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Smith Glemham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Goody Smith Bramford, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mrs Susanna Smith Rushmere, Suffolk 1645 MH
Elizabeth Southerne Dunwich, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mrs Margery Sparham Mendham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Sarah Spindler Halesworth, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Starlinge Langham, Essex 1645 MH
Isaac Stebbing Wickham Skeith, Suffolk 1825 RD
Susan Stetgold/ Stegold Hintlesham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Old Stranguidge Cambridge, Cambs 1645 RD
Alexander Sussums Long Melford, Suffolk 1645 MH
Grandma of Sussums Long Melford, Suffolk   MH
Mother of Sussums Long Melford, Suffolk   MH
Aunt of Sussums Long Melford, Suffolk   MH
Margery Sutton Ipswich, Suffolk 1645 MH
Lydia Taylor Bramford, Suffolk 1645 MH
Ann Thurston Holland on Sea, Essex 1645 MH
Katherine Tooley Westleton, Suffolk 1645 MH
Joan Upney Barking/ Dagenham, Essex 1589 B.
Ann Usher Suffolk   W.I.M.E.
Anne Usher Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Verdy Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 MH
Maria Vervy Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 B.
Jane Wallis Keyston, Cambs 1646? MH
Dorothy Walters Clacton, Essex 1645 MH
Elisabeth Warne Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Alice Warner Rushmere, Suffolk 1645 MH
Sarah Warner   1645 MH
Elisabeth Watcham Bacton, Suffolk 1645 MH
Agnes Waterhouse Hatfield Peverel Essex 1565 B.
Joan Waterhouse Hatfield Peverel Essex 1566 RD
Elisabeth Weed Catworth, Cambs. 1644 W.I.M.E.
Mrs Weight Essex 1645 W.I.M.E.
Susan Wente Langham, Essex 1645 MH
Ann West Mistley, Essex 1644 W.I.M.E.
Rebecca West Colchester, Essex 1644 RD
Anne West Lawford, Essex 1645 MH
Rebecca West Lawford, Essex 1645


ncis Wildes Blaxhall, Suffolk 1645 MH
Barbara Wilkinson Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk 1645 MH
John Winnick Molesworth, Cambs 1646? MH
Old Winter Ipswich, Suffolk 1744 RD
Mrs Mary Winter Wickham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Daddy Witch (female) Horseheath, Cambs 1860 RD
Margery With / Chinnery Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH



Old Moulsham



Grace Wright Kings Lynn, Norfolk 1646 MH
Mrs Alice Wright Hitcham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Wyard     W.I.M.E.
Margaret Wyard Framlingham, Suffolk 1645 MH
Mary Wyles Gt. Clacton, Essex 1645 MH