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Paganism (recognised by the Home Office as a genuine religion within prisons & hospitals) is a general Latin derived term (like Germanic derived Heathenism) meaning those who carry on the old rural spiritual paths that were around before the spread of the modern world religions. It has grown considerably since the 1970s (without active prosletysation) and includes some Witches, Druids, Shamen & Heathens amongst others.

Although great steps have been taken to combat prejudice and misinformation, persecution does still take place. Most paths acknowledge many gods & goddesses, rather than a single monotheistic deity, and revere nature.

Over the years I have continued to collect details of people historically persecuted for witchcraft in my native East Anglia. To see this archive please click here.




My personal exploration of Paganism started in my teens, but never fully developed until the late 1980s. Since then I have been a researcher, author, lecturer and leader on the Pagan scene.

Although my early reading and contacts were associated with witchcraft I was drawn towards what was known then as Odinism, later termed Asatru or Heathenism.

I was first a Media Officer then President of the international umbrella group The Pagan Federation, and continue to be High Gothi (priest) of Odinshof.

Locally I started up pub moots in Ipswich & Chelmsford, as well as the Leaping Hare Conference, the Magic Mummers and the Gippeswic magazine.

There are no definitive texts or supreme leaders, so each Pagan has to work out their own interpretation. However, despite their differences, most of them get on fairly well with each other and co-operate on joint ventures such as magazines, web sites, moot meetings, camps and conferences. See my books and lectures for my own personal views on the subject














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