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An Angry Arsonist

A Ron Webb Mystery #4

(Gruff, 2022)

Arson is a nasty business, but with so many suspects, DCI Ron Webb and his new Detective Sergeant Peggy Catchpole have their work cut out deciding which motive could have led to a double murder in Ipswich? Money, revenge, love and ambition may all play a part. Could it be related to a mystery from many years ago, or is it the result of criminals being recently released from prison? Have they even worked out the correct intended victims?

The Serious Crime Squad extend their enquiries across the picturesque county of Suffolk, but things are often not always what they seem.





Surreptitious Cyclist

A Ron Webb Mystery #3

(Gruff, 2021)

An explosion in an otherwise quiet Suffolk town is unusual. This one was at 3 a.m. and killed a cyclist. Why was he about at that time, and was there a reason why he was not using his lights in the dark? Was he even the target, or merely in the wrong place at the wrong time? With only an inebriated, frightened vagrant for a witness, DCI Webb and his team need to satisfactorily solve the mystery not only for themselves but for Special Branch as well. Not all country towns and their inhabitants are as innocent as they appear.






Conveyor Belt Corpse

A Ron Webb mystery #2

(Gruff 2021)

The managing director of a small Felixstowe engineering company is murdered in his office. Was it one of the workers or an outsider? As DCI Ron Webb and his team investigate, it appears that members of the victims family and his other employees may all have their separate motives and opportunities to want him dead. There are secrets beneath the surface and frustrations that need to be exposed to solve the case. Can the team really believe anyone amongst the half-truths and deliberate lies? Is it related to a major American deal, or is the answer closer to home? The 2nd book in the ‘Ron Webb Mystery’ series. (No.1 was ‘Dog Walk Detectives





The Pagan Thinker:

Some aspects of Modern Western Paganism

(Gruff, 2021)

Full colour illustrations

185 pages

Modern Pagans and Heathens in the UK, Europe and N. America do not need anyone to tell them what to do. There are, however, many accepted ideas within Paganism that are rarely discussed and analysed in depth. As a result, we are in danger of creating an orthodoxy without realising it!

This book seeks out some relevant topics to consider, whether you are an established Pagan, Druid, Heathen, Shaman, Witch or a beginner thinking about your path. It is also of vital interest to the academic trying to understand the rapid changes in the esoteric scene over the last decades: what issues cause distrust or disinterest by Pagans seeking authoritative sources of information?

Amongst the topics are identity, ethics, magic, community, deities and sacred places. Theology, leadership, rituals, symbology and the very future of Paganism are also examined. This should give you something challenging to consider and a way of evaluating the overload of available information and its sources. Without being told what to do or think, you should then be able to make up your own mind.









Dog Walk Detectives

A Ron Webb Mystery #1

(Gruff 2021)

A young man is found bludgeoned to death by dog walkers on a recreation field in Suffolk. The grumpy DCI Webb and his younger cocky colleague DS Newton have difficulty finding out who he is or why he was there. Piece by piece, they and their team painstakingly search for clues about his identity, address and why someone should want to murder him? They are told that he was a reticent, quiet, and inoffensive individual, so did he find out too much about someone or something? Are the dog walkers all as innocent as they appear? We get rare glimpses of the murder investigation through their eyes and interactions. Does his ex-girlfriend or college tutor hold the key to the mystery, or has the case a more international dimension?

£8.00 paperback



The Wyrd of Aelphame

(Gruff 2020)

The 3rd and final part of the Aelphame trilogy

Once more Alfred Baldwin and his partner Georgina help the group of Anglo Saxon elves with their biggest problem yet, after a mysterious message is received. Suffolk stories and history intermingle with Old English place-names, the Witchfinder General, a walking stick, three crowns, the Babes in the Wood, Ann Boleyn, the nine days wonder, unfortunate artists and murderous fairies, ancient runes, monkeys, St. Edmund and cheese. The enigmatic Shotley Peninsular, Suffolk is the scene of a thrilling adventure that once more sees our heroes taking on magic, fear and having to get up early in the morning.

£6.00 paperback

£2.50 Kindle

Available from Amazon

When the sea turned to beer: a hoard of humour, history and Heathenry

(Gruff 2020)

Alternating between new and old articles on Paganism and history to bizarre humour and folklore; This collection also includes the texts of three long out-of-print booklets: ‘The Wild Hunt and its followers’, ‘Old Glory & the Cutty Wren’ plus ‘The Gothi & the rune stave’ plus numerous articles.

£8.00 paperback

£4.00 Kindle Available from Amazon

Viking Warrior Cults: Berserkers, Úlfhéðnar, Svinfylking & Weapon Dancers.

(Gruff 2020)

"The author displays a vast knowledge of his subject, particularly of the various Icelandic sagas." Widowinde

This extensive multi-disciplinary examination of ancient artefacts, historic documents and sagas is a ground-breaking survey of the various Viking Warrior Cults. It features experimental archaeology, colour illustrations and competing academic arguments. Pete Jennings traces the fascinating history and connections between Berserker, Úlfhéðnar, Svinfylking & Weapon Dancers, as well as producing some comprehensively referenced sources and conclusions that sweep away the frequently inaccurate fiction of books and films.

£15.00 paperback

Not available as Kindle at present

Pathworking & Creative Visualisation

(with Pete Sawyer)

(Gruff 2019)

What is it, how do you do it, what elements should go into a pathworking and how can you use it? The answers are all clearly explained here. A pathworking is a guided meditation using creative visualisation, but it can be used practically in so many ways as well as developing a person’s spiritual path. Healing, relaxing, practising life skills or simply enjoying yourself are just a few of the benefits. This book gives straight practical advice on all of those as well as on forming a pathworking group, delivering meditations and constructing your own paths.

£15.00 paperback

£4.56 Kindle available from Amazon  

THE WOODWOSE OF SUFFOLK & BEYOND: a pictorial guide.

(Gruff, 2019)


A woodwose is a full-bodied wild man figure, mostly found carved in stone or wood and particularly concentrated within Suffolk churches. They are also found in other counties and countries across Europe. The figure is usually seen as naked but covered with hair and a long beard, grasping a club. There are occasionally female woodwose found as well. Woodwose can be wild and exuberant or stationery and sentient but they are always enigmatic and a part of that dark ‘other’ world.

£15.00 paperback

£4.56 Kindle available from Amazon  




The 2nd part of the Aelphame trilogy

(Gruff, 2019)

Retired art teacher Alfred Baldwin has a big secret: the elves that live beneath his rural Suffolk studio. They are descended from those who came over with the Anglo Saxons and live to about 600 years old. Then they come to him with a problem that only he can help them with, and their future safety depends on it.

Join him as he cycles the East coast of Suffolk and the county border with Norfolk, whilst dark forces do their worst to hinder or destroy them. He has a smattering of Old English language and history, cheese, maps, and his wits to protect him.

As in the previous book ‘Adventures in Aelphame’ there are copious end notes on place name origins, folklore, history and quirky facts. You do not need to have read that book first to understand or enjoy this one.

£6.00 paperback

£2.50 Kindle available from Amazon 

A CACOPHONY OF CORVIDS: the mythology, facts, behaviour and folklore of ravens, crows, magpies, rooks and their relatives.

(Gruff, 2017)

Birds that show empathy, make and use tools, problem solve and recognise faces: no wonder corvids are at the heart of many myths and folk tales.

From their role in keeping Britain safe at the Tower of London to the companions of the Viking god Odin; this unique illustrated look at the enigmatic world of ravens, crows, magpies, rooks and their cousins should give you food for thought, and a new understanding of what makes them the most special of birds.

£15.00 paperback

£4.56 Kindle available from Amazon  


Valkyries,  selectors of heroes: their roles  within Viking & Anglo Saxon  mythology and beliefs.

(Gruff, 2016)

See YouTube film


Valkyries are the choosers of the heroic slain warriors within Anglo Saxon and Viking Heathen mythology. Their roles have changed and yet they have retained their imagery of fiercely independent, strong women. This book brings together the historic sources to explore what and who they are, and includes over 30 illustrations, mostly in colour.

£15.00 paperback

£4.56 Kindle
available from Amazon 

Adventures in Aelphame
(Gruff Books 2015)

Retired art teacher Alfred Baldwin thinks he has found a perfect but primitive artists studio, isolated at the end of an ancient Suffolk woodland. Bewildered by his wifes desertion and at odds with modern living it seems just the place to live how he wants to.

He hadn't envisaged any neighbours other than local wildlife, but soon discovers that he shares his home with some Anglo Saxon elves. What is more they have a challenge for him!
Join Alfred's adventures as he cycles the old trackways of East Anglia discovering ancient places, hidden history and folklore and carrying an essential supply of cheese.

£6.00 Paperback

£2.50 Kindle available from Amazon

Confidently Confused
(Gruff Books, 2014)

A humorous novel  following the increasingly desperate escapades of an author trying to write his 3rd book. A Voodoo curse, stealing his own manuscript and being accused of being a terrorist are the least of his worries!

£6.00 Paperback

£2.12 Kindle
available from

Blacksmith Gods: Myths, Magicians & Folklore
(Moon Books, Pagan Portals Series 2014)


See YouTube film


"Such a fascinating book absolutely crammed full with history, myth and folklore based around the gods associated with the art of the blacksmith.  Mr Jennings covers the entire globe in search of stories all of which explore these amazing deities.    The ancient art of blacksmith has always struck me as being very magical and this book echoes my beliefs." 

Rachel Patterson/Goodreads 

£7.00 Paperback

Heathen Paths: Viking and Anglo Saxon Pagan Beliefs.

2nd Revised & Expanded Edition
(Gruff, 2018)


"This book certainly brings you closer to the way things were seen and done in those times."
Pentacle Magazine
"Pete Jennings has done much to dispel such ignorance and prejudice and to place modern Heathenism proudly amongst neo- Paganism." Widowinde

£15.00 Paperback

Only available from Pete or Veiled Market


20th anniversary edition: expanded and revised for 2022.

Pagan Paths: A guide to Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Shamanism and other Pagan Practices.
(Rider, 2022)
ISBN 071261

Old 2002 Cover

"An excellent primer, taking in all the traditional earth - centred rituals as well as the more recent emergence of eco and cyber-paganism."
The Times
"For newcomers to the scene this resource guide is probably worth the cover price alone." Cauldron
"This is probably the best and most informative book on Paganism I have read in many years of study and practice." Pagan Dawn
"It is a mine of information" Eastern Spirit
"Brilliant read" Amazon Books

£15.00 Paperback

The Gothi & the Rune Stave.
(Gruff, 2005)

Available as Kindle or the text has been reprinted in 'When the sea turned to beer'

"I thoroughly enjoyed the story ... The descriptions of the places are wonderful and rituals of importance to the times described. I would recommend this book as not only a good story but also as a way to get a feel of the culture of Iceland at that time in history as well as an insight into the beliefs." - Pentacle Magazine 

0ut of print Paperback, but incorporated into 'When the sea turned to beer'

Kindle available from Amazon £3.20 


The Northern Tradition

".....he can be classed as a bit of an authority on the subject." Dragon Chronicle

£7.95 Paperback

Out of print

Haunted Suffolk
(History Press, 2006)
ISBN 0752438441

"From heart-stopping accounts of apparitions, manifestations and related supernatural phenomena to first hand encounters with ghouls and spirits, this collection of stories contains new and well known spooky tales from around the county of Suffolk."

Suffolk & Norfolk Life

£8.99 Paperback

Amazon only

Haunted Ipswich
(History Press, 2010)
ISBN 9780752456607



Once a popular centre of pilgrimage and then a maritime gateway to East Anglia, the historic county town of Ipswich is also home to ghosts, witches, orbs and poltergeists. From heart-stopping accounts of apparitions, manifestations and supernatural phenomena, to first-hand encounters with phantoms, spirits and ghouls.

£9.99 Paperback

Amazon only

Pagan Humour
(Gruff, 2004)

"It's a laugh! Cheap enough to give to anyone you feel needs cheering up. What are you waiting for? Get it now!"

Eastern Spirit

Out of print as a book but now on Amazon Kindle at £1.92
(Capall Bann, 1993)
ISBN 1898307 00 8

Written in partnership with Pete Sawyer.

"A complete, practical guide to the subject of pathworking and guided meditation ... Recommended." The Cauldron.
"Full of ideas and highly recommended" The Wiccan
A real pleasure to read" Pagan Life Bulletin
"Definitely recommended" Wiccan Rede
It gives good basic and easy to read steps." Insight

£7.95 Paperback

Out of print

Replaced by Pathworking & Creative Visualisation

Old Glory & the Cutty Wren (Gruff 2003)
Available as Kindle or the text has been reprinted in 'When the sea turned to beer'


Book & CD in conjunction with BBC Radio Suffolk.
A unique Suffolk custom and the Molly dancers and musicians that revived it.

Book & CD Out of print, but incorporated into 'When the sea turned to beer'

 Amazon Kindle at £3.18

Penda, Heathen King of Mercia: his Anglo Saxon world.
(Gruff Books, 2013)


Penda was a dynamic character living in turbulent times. This is the first book dedicated to bringing the scarce references to him together, and providing some balanced investigation into this 7th century enigma. Yes the battles, politics and dynastic struggles are there, but set against the context of the general Anglo Saxon customs of food, dress, slavery, art and competing religions.
Some illustrations & useful timeline appendix.

£8.00 Paperback

Amazon Kindle download only


The Wild Hunt and its followers

(Gruff Books 2013)
Available as Kindle or the text has been reprinted in 'When the sea turned to beer'

The Wild Hunt is a brooding mystery spread across Europe and beyond, with many different names and traditional local variants. Explore the Pagan origins, the psychological and religious influences and the Germanic and Celtic forms with their folkloric traditions. When the winter gales howl and the Furious Host rides the storm, understand its meaning and how to work with the concepts.

£6.00 Paperback

Out of print but incorporated into 'When the sea turned to beer'

Amazon Kindle download

Pete has written for several Pagan magazines including Pentacle, Deosil Dance, Pagan Dawn, Witchcraft & Wicca, Wiccan, Bridestone etc.

Edited & produced Gippeswic Pagan magazine over its 12 issue, 4 year life. During his 3 years as media officer then another 3 as President of The Pagan Federation he contributed research and interviews for many national and local papers, magazines plus TV and Radio.

You may also find occasional articles by Pete in the Anglo Saxon mag Widowinde, and the re-enactment magazine Skirmish. 

Pete has also contributed to many other  books including:


Modern Pagans: an investigation of contemporary Pagan practices. (Eds. V Vale & J.Sulak.) San Francisco: RE/Search (2001)

The Museum of Witchcraft: a Magical History – (Ed. Kerriann Godwin) Boscastle: Occult Art Co. (2011)

Heathen Information Pack – UK: Pagan Federation (2014)

The Call of the God: an anthology exploring the divine masculine within modern Paganism (Ed. Frances Billinghurst) Australia: TDM (2015)

Pagan Planet: Being, Believing and Belonging in the 21st century. (Ed. Nimue Brown) UK: Moon Books  (2016)