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Some pictures that I have painted since April 2019, when I took up a paint brush for the first time in about 50 years. All praise due to my tutor James Wilkinson and his friendly art group sessions in Stoke by Clare. He Now has a gallery (Pop Nouveau) in Sudbury. 

Some of these were created in acrylics at home. Others are in oils on an acrylic background painted in weekly art group sessions. Either way, I really enjoy myself and get lost in it for hours at a time, regardless of results! I have left the group now but still benefit from the advice given

Self portrait showing two sides of PJ




Sea View - Southwold                                                              The Tarn


                                Whitby Harbour                                                                        Near Newquay                       


             Peggy and a hat.                                                 Egyptian Temple statue             


                           Clovelly, Devon.                                                  The late Keith Emerson of The Nice & ELP.                         


Fishing by a waterfall: influenced by Bob Ross but not using his 'liquid white oil' technique as I only have acrylics at home.


Battle of Ringmere, Suffolk  

Tintagel, Cornwall


                                        Peter Gabriel of Genesis performing 'Suppers Ready.'                                                                   Angus Young of AC/DC


                                                   South African Penguins                                                                                                     Happy Pig


                                                                Bath                                                                                                                Rollrights, Oxfordshire


                                              Gorilla, Jersey Zoo                                                                                                                  Robin


                             Aethelgar (Guy Lown) of Ealdfaeder Anglo Saxons                                    Woodwose based on one from Cratfield, Suffolk but with added colours.

                                                                                                                                                  (First picture in 50 years, here to show how I have progressed.)














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