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'A Cacophony of Corvids: the mythology, facts, behaviour and folklore of ravens, crows, magpies, rooks and their relatives.'  Published 5/4/17

Recent releases: 

'Adventures in Aelphame' 

'Valkyries, Selectors of heroes: their roles within Viking & Anglo Saxon Heathen beliefs.'

'Confidently Confused.'


13 January Bures Primary School, Suffolk.

8-9 April ILHF Cressing Temple, Essex.

15-17 April West Stow, Suffolk

20 April Trinity Park, Suffolk

13-14 May Haughley Park, Suffolk.

31 May - 1 June Suffolk Show.

4 July Monkhouse School Spalding Lincs

 11-13 August. COA Gathering, Oxfordshire

23-24 September Haughley Suffolk tbc 



Dec 26 Cutty Wren, Middleton, Suffolk with

Old Glory  Molly Dancers & Musicians.





11-12 Feb Enchanted Market, Bracknell Berks

7 March Golden Lion Romford Moot, Essex

29-30 Apr Spirit of the Marsh, Lincs.

27-28 May Staffordshire Conference

25 June 2-5pm Storytelling at Tithe Barn,

27 June Stone Circle Moot, Gt. Yarmouth Norfolk

28-30 July Asgardian Heathen Festival, Staffs. 

11-13 Aug COA Gathering Oxfordshire

30 Sept Harvest Moon, Norwich

6-7 Oct. COA Witchfest Brighton, Sussex

28 Oct Woodbridge Emporium. Suffolk

5 Nov Gipping Valley Conference, Suffolk

For full details of all dates click here























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